Hello RPi folks,

your raspberry-field is growing and flourishing ;-)

RPi Colo 2.0 is a huge success - but we need a little rest ...

We'll be using the time until mid-April to optimize our racks, and add more colocation space for additional servers.

We will share the news on twitter, when the order-queues will be opened for some hundred new machines.

Thanks again for the sweets you sent for us. Raspberry beer from Belgium we put aside (chilled!) for a special occasion ;-)

We assume that you want to see us well-rounded, given the amount of chocolate we received ;-) thanks a bunch!

Huge thank you btw for the many donations we received through the PayPal link.
Everything is being used towards the free RPi colo project.

Yours EDIS RPi Team

PS: The RPi colo project will remain free - Please recommend our services wherever you can - TNX a lot!

Raspberry Pi Colocation 2.0

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uplink 100MBit traffic 100GB
100% free
Payment Options
Paypal Visa Mastercard Dinersclub Americanexpress

What you need:

  • 1 Raspberry Pi w/ ethernet interface - http://www.raspberrypi.org/
  • 1 SD-card with the OS installed
  • The ability to configure a static IP in whatever OS you run
  • A box to ship it to Austria
  • No credit card required :)


  • 1 USB-Stick (max. 4 cm length or max. 2 nano USB-sticks)

You will receive an email with networking config and detailed shipping information within 7 days from placing the order. 

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Thanks a lot for supporting
our project with a small donation ;-)


Raspberry Colocatios, EDIS Datacenter 1, Graz, in the very heart of Austria

NEW: Cold-boot your RPi using a webinterface (client-area WHMCS)
NEW: Status-Updates in WHMCS (waiting for parcel, parcel arrived, RPI online, RPI offline for maintenance) 
Manual reboots (aka disconnect and connect): FREE (please allow 24 to 72 hours)

Emergency reinstalls: Flashing with default Raspbian image free of charge
The agreement / contract is concluded for an indefinite period of time.
We guarantee not to send the unit back after 1 week ;-)

The service is absolutely free of charge - 100%. guaranteed! 
You pay exactly nothing except for the return-shipment of your machine (if you wish not to colo any more)
No monthly costs, no setup fees! 

Shipping (returns)

within Austria: free of charge
Europe/worldwide: EUR 10,-- (probably doesn't cover all our expenses, but that's fine ;-)

Please check these external resources prior to ordering / shipping