Server Housing and 19" Rackspace

EDIS hosts its own web servers and those of their clients at one of the fastest datacenters in Austria. This is their own privately owned datacenter, located in Graz, which was opened in 2003. All of our servers have GigaBit Uplink ports, resulting in you server being connected to the internet at an incredible speed.


Server locations:

1100 Vienna, Austria or
8042 Graz, Austria

EDIS colocation with
Enterprise protection against DDoS attacks

Highlights: We do not charge setup costs in our Austrian locations.
All machines are operated with energy from 100% local hydropower.

Standard Housing = ATX mini, medium or ATX Tower Housing

We will happily imform you which IP address(es) have been allocated to your service beforehand, so that your machines are already configured when delivered.

  • 24/7 service and standby repair 365 days a year
  • Your server is network monitored 24 hours a day at the EDIS NOC
  • Multiple international and national connections to the internet
  • Permanent power online capacity of less than 50 %
  • Central MGE USV systems with state of the art IGBT power inverter
  • Safe power supply by threefold redundant connection
  • System with multiple redundant air conditioning units
  • Access to the server room only if accompanied by an EDIS staff member

Raspberry Pi Colocation 2.0

  • 1 static IPv4
  • /112 static IPv6
  • 100GB Traffic p.m.
  • 100Mbit Uplink
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