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Lookup the owner of an already registered domain in public WHOIS databases.

MX Backup


The safety net for your mail server

By using EDIS's MX Backup service, your incoming mails will never disappear or fail to deliver. If you experience any issues on your own mailserver, or connection, your incoming emails will be forwarded to EDIS's backup infrastructure located in Germany, and then will be forwarded back to you as soon as your mailserver is back online.

No matter where your domain name is currently registered - EDIS's MX backup can be configured to work with any domain name, without having to change your domain registrar or DNS servers!

  • EDIS MX backup is not tied to the management of the domain with EDIS.
  • Can be used without changing your current provider.
  • Simple, efficient and affordable.
Please feel free to contact our support staff any time.

How to set it up: Simply place an order for MX Backup (you will be asked for your domain name) and add as a secondary MX record in your domains nameserver records. That's all.

MX Backup Service

SMTP queuing for 1 domain name
Backup infrastructure located in Germany 

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4,99 Month