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Features of our webhosting plans at a glance

All EDIS webhosting plans, with PHP support, have been optimized to work with all major content management systems, e-commerce sites and blogs. Our support team will be happy to assist you with any problems.

  TYPO3 typo3_logo.png
  Drupal drupal_logo.png
  Joomla! joomla_logo.png
  eZ Publish ez_logo.png
  Contrexx contrexx_logo.png
  WordPress wordpress_logo.png
  osCommerce oscommerce_logo.png
  Concrete 5 concrete5_logo.png

PHP Settings

  64-bit Apache Webserver
  Customizable PHP environment  (local PHP.INI)
  PHP4 and PHP5 available simultaneously
  PHP version arrestable
  PHP version auto-upgrade option
  PHP version per subdomain
  safe_mode on/off switch
  register_globals on/off switch
  ZEND engine / optimizer
  most recent PHP versions available right after release
  pre-emptive opcode cache with PLUS webhosting plans

Database server


mySQL 5.0, 5.5, 5.6 from SMART Hosting

  mySQL databases
  external database access
  INNOBD Support
  mySQL via ODBC
  Create Temp Tables
  PostgreSQL 9.0 from Basic Hosting  
  No quotas on database servers1

no limitations in size, but fair use under the plan you signed up for



  Multiple 10 Gigabit uplinks
  Redundant uplinks
  64-bit Apache nodes
  FTP access
  FTP via SSL
  SSH access from BASIC Hosting2
  CRON Jobs
  RAW Logfiles via SSH
  Admin Interface
  Unlimited traffic
  Daily backup of websites and databases
  Different server locations at no extra charge
  IP addresses and infrastructure physically present in the indicated countries
  24/7 monitoring
  Technicians 24/7 standby
  Firewall and Security
  No overcommitment
  Fastest Intel® Xeon® processors
  Local SAS RAID storages
  I/O optimization via RAM
  SSH Multimount for Resellers3

2 SSH: virtual private server with ftp, rsync, scp, tail -f to access/errorlogs, zip/unzip, tar, svn client

3 EDIS Multimount® and EDIS hostCMD® - all your vhosts mounted on one virtual server, allowing swift updates of multiple websites at the same tame (e.g. installing typo3-updates on all your clients pages automatically).

Email and messaging

  POP3 via SSL / TLS
  IMAP4 via SSL / TLS
  SMTP Authentication
  SMTP via SSL / TLS
  Daily backups  
  Antivirus daemons
  Greylisting daemons
  Enterprise SPAM and Virus firewall (Barracuda Neworks)
  AfterLogic WebMail Pro, free of charge
  Customizable auto-replies

AfterLogic WebMail Pro  >> LIVE DEMO

  Multiple mailboxes in one account (even external ones like @hotmail, @gmx, ...)

End-to-End SSL / TLS for IMAP and SMTP


Automated mail check every few minutes

  AJAX drag-and-drop uploader
  Multiple domains
  WYSIWYG or plain-text message composer
  Quick-reply function  
  Voice message player
  Address book (contacts and groups)
  CardDAV support (enables syncing contacts on iPhone, etc)

Calendar (Private calendars)




CalDAV support

pdf_icon.jpg Afterlogic WebMail Pro product brochure .pdf