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Cache Linux system cache pre-emptive opcode cache
Restores subject to charge free of charge (RESTORE+)



FCGI with a fast binary-cache

This System utilizes a caching technology called "pre-emptive opcode cache". Compared to our standard PHP webhosting plans, PLUS' PHP system runs as a "server application” and is held in memory on a permanent basis.

The major advantage is the combination of this technology with that of a fast opcode cache system. PHP files don't need to be recompiled on every single click, because translated versions of the files already exist in ultra-fast cache-memory and can be accessed without delays. This technology helps speed up page response times and increase page loading speeds of your website. Furthermore, with an increase in the response time (latency), this makes users “feel” a "sensational" speed-up of your website.

XCache is used up to PHP 5.4. From PHP 5.5 the formerly commercial Zend Optimizer+ (renamed to Zend OPcache) is being used as a native PHP accelerator.


Customers with PLUS web hosting plans, can order up to one restore of their homepage and / or databases once per year, entirely free of charge. This extra included in the package is worth 99 EURO per year (excl. 20% VAT).