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€ 2,45 / month
30 GB
eMail Accounts
Domains managable

"Instant" Webhost

Instant is a great option for users who are just starting out and need a simple and affordable hosting product, but it is important to consider the limitations of the product before making a purchase decision.

The preparation of instant coffee is comparable to the installation of applications such as Wordpress on an EDIS Instant hosting plan. Tear open the bag, add coffee to your mug, pour in hot water and stir. With just a few mouseclicks, you may install Wordpress and a variety of applications with our APP installer. The Instant plan does not have a restricted storage capacity, so you'll always have plenty of space for your pictures to upload to your WordPress site. 

Our Instant hosting plan also comes with a free domain and a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate that is used to securely transmit data between you and your sites' visitors (the key symbol in the browser). 

This plan also includes SPAM and virus filters, access to our enterprise webmail, as well as unlimited data transfer for your website and unlimited e-mail storage space.

Instant hosting plans are aimed at bloggers and all those who do not want to delve deeper into the subject of hosting beyond the APP installer. For this reason, the instant product is delivered 

*** without FTP and without SSH ***

You can take advantage of our backup services to safeguard your website against data loss or calamity. Daily backups of your website as well as e-mails, are made and kept for up to 40 days at no additional cost. Restoring data from the backup comes at a handling charge of EUR 58.80 flat. 
There is a backup- and restore function in our app-installer, which is available at no extra charge.

Instant plan can be upgraded to use HTTP/2 protocol. HTTP/2 improves page load time through server push and header compression. You can activate HTTP/2 in the management portal for an additional fee of EUR 12 per month (price incl. 20% VAT).One free domain is included in this plan. Choose from the following TLDs: at, co.at, or.at, be, cc, ch, de, es, eu, fr, it, li, lt, nl, com, net, org, info, biz, name, koeln, cologne, art, click, link, one, rocks, xyz
Guaranteed performance: 2 GB RAM, 10 simultaneous PHP processes, whereby each individual PHP processes may address up to 128 MB of the available RAM. In regular operation, load-balanced performance cluster on 2 servers, resulting in 2x 2GB RAM and 2x 10 simultaneous PHP processes. In failover mode (maintenance work or machine failure) fallback to guaranteed performance. Please note that there is a technical limit of 35,000 files in the filesystem of this hosting plan.

A downgrade from a higher-end product to Instant is not possible because there is no downgrade path. Instant is an entry-level product with limited functionality and is best suited for users who need a simple and cost-effective hosting product. 

It is important to note that an upgrade from Instant to a higher-end product is always possible if your hosting requirements grow and you need more functionality.

EDIS Standardleistungen

1 Gratis Domain
E-Mail Speicherplatz unlimitiert
Datentransfer unlimitierter Traffic
Spamfilter + Antivirus
Easy-Backup / Restore im App-Installer kostenlos für Benutzer zugänglich
Backup durch EDIS kostenlos, 40 Tagesstände
Server-Überwachung 24/7/365 monitoring
Erreichbarkeit im Notfall 24/7/365 Notfall Hotline
Hilfe und Support kostenloser Support
Weitere Details
php memory limit 128 MB
PHP Versionen PHP 8.x (7.4, 7.3, 5.6)
Technologie PHP-FPM (high speed PHP)
FTP kein FTP
Max Execution Time 30 Sekunden
SSH Zugriff
MySQL Datenbanken 1
Subdomains nein
frei definierbare docroot
CRON via HTTP(S) request (incl. authentication)