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Cancellation of Webhosting Products

Here you will find all Information regarding the cancellation of webhosting products

A webhosting package can be cancelled at any time, but only by the contract holder himself – in writing and personally or by an authorised signatory of the company.

Form for cancellation of webhosting packages (webhosting, webspace)
Please print this form and send to EDIS.

FAX number for cancellations: +43 316 827 500 777
email for digital submission:


Time limits and liabilities

The cancellation period ends 6 weeks (42 days) before the beginning of the new service period, which is indicated on the invoice. Unless the cancellation is submitted in time, EDIS has to charge the new service period – even if the cancellation should take place immediately. Open debts will remain active.

Cancellation date

As the cancellation date you can choose “immediately” or “at the end of the current service period”. From this date on the domain is locked (cool-down period) and, thus, no longer technically operative. After this period all webspace including data, email adresses and databases will be deleted and no longer be functional.

Please note that only the Webhost will be cancelled not the Domains registered with it!


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