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The EDIS Global brand

EDIS, a leading provider of domain and web hosting solutions, as well as virtual servers (VPS) and dedicated root servers, announced today the launch of its new VPS brand, EDIS Global. From now on, EDIS's VPS and server business will be carried out under the new brand, EDIS Global.

The decision to introduce EDIS Global was made to further promote EDIS's growth on an international level, as well as to establish a clear separation from the predominantly German-speaking hosting and domain business.

The new brand will help EDIS position itself as a leading provider of VPS and server solutions worldwide and achieve an even greater reach. With the introduction of EDIS Global, the company will strengthen its presence in the market and appeal to even more customers around the world.

VPS und Server werden zu EDIS Global
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VPS and Dedicated Server in Europe, Asia, LATAM and in USA

The new EDIS Global website offers a selection of over 45 international server locations for customers looking for a fast, reliable, and scalable virtual server hosting solution.

 "We are very excited to announce the launch of EDIS Global," said a spokesperson. "This new brand will help us further promote our growth on an international level and establish ourselves as a leading provider of geo-localized VPS and server solutions. We believe that with EDIS Global, we can offer our customers an even better experience by providing a wider range of VPS solutions on a specialized platform."

EDIS Global will provide the high level of service for which EDIS is known. Customers can rely on fast service delivery, reliable network structures, and first-class personal support from EDIS's highly qualified support team.
EDIS is a leading provider of domain and web hosting solutions based in Graz, Austria. Since its founding in 1999, EDIS has been committed to providing its customers with a fast, reliable, and scalable hosting solution. Today, EDIS serves tens of thousands of web hosting and domain customers in the German-speaking region.

EDIS Global is a leading provider of VPS and server solutions and operates infrastructure worldwide for VPN providers, security service providers, forex and crypto traders, market observers, developers, activists, and many more. Just a few days ago, the new VPS server location in Colombia (Bogotá) was officially opened.

Graz, April 25, 2023