EDIS Server Technologies

Infrastructure IN 30+ countries

EDIS Server Technologies

EDIS delivers infrastructure to leading global VPN providers,  
security firms, payment providers, developers, activists and many more.

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  • Asia
  • Americas
  • Australia

EDIS Server Standorte in Asia

KVM full virtualization

EDIS Server Standorte in Americas

KVM full virtualization

EDIS Server Standorte in Australia

KVM full virtualization

Looking Glass

Test the network quality in every location.

Test the network quality and speed

Server Status

Overview of server status and planned maintenance.

Aktuellen Server Status ansehen

Popular operating systems

Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, pfSense, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Windows*

*EDIS provides the ISO but does not provide any software licenses.

24/7/365 NOC

any time

fully redundant 

Enterprise Hewlett Packard Infrastructure

Quality Uplinks
lowest latency