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Domain name transfer

Changing Provider

Changing provider or registrar is understood to be the transfer of the technical administration (name service) and the billing of a domain name, from one provider or registrar to another.

Here are a few good reasons why you should change your domain provider and come to EDIS:

  • You’ve already got a domain and would like to use it with EDIS services
  • You’d like to enjoy all the benefits of domain name registrations offered by EDIS
  • You don't want to use your domain for the time being, but you'd like to benefit from EDIS's favourable domain rates
  • You’d like to get great service by one of the biggest registrars in Austria
  • You’d like to have a highly skilled and reliable partner for all your domain concerns.

Transferring .at Domains

Transferring .at domains (.at,, to EDIS is free!

The transfer is very quick and will be completed within a few minutes. If the email address in the WHOIS data (set at NIC.AT) is correct, the domain owner can quickly and easily confirm the transfer online, thus avoiding awkward confirmation forms.

The previous domain expiration date is taken over and honoured by EDIS. NIC fees are not being invoiced until the next time the domains are due for renewal - all registration services of this domain are free until the renewal date.

Transfer of generic domain names (except .at,,

When changing registrars, most of the top level domain providers (including but not limited to: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .de, .ch, .ag, .cc) require you to pay for another years registration of your domain, regardless of when you renewed it the last time.

Before a transfer can be initiated, the domain owner has to make sure it's ready to transfer:

  • EPP locks (registrar locks) You must have the domain unlocked from the former provider.
  • The AUTH code must be requested from the old provider and sent to the new one.
  • Ensure a valid owner and admin email address in WHOIS database is set.
  • Submit consent form to the old provider (ChProv application "KK" for .de Domains)

After initiating the domain transfer to the new provider, you will be informed by email of any requirements that need to be met, so that the transfer can be carried out quickly. Having taken all the necessary precautions and successfully started the transfer, the domain name provider will send out a confirmation email to the email address listed in the WHOIS record. After the final transfer confirmation has been approved, by the domain owner, it usually takes about 6 business days before the domain name has been fully transferred and can be reached via the EDIS name server.

Note: The former registrar has 5 days to approve the domain transfer. The technical modification will be done automatically by EDIS. Depending on the loosing registrar, transfers can be approved automatically after the owners approval, causing a much faster transfer (not standard).