Webhosting in 40+ countries 

Get closer to your customers 
(... and the search engines)

With a single provider, you can cover your worldwide web hosting requirements. EDIS offers hosting in over 40 countries, on 5 continents, on its own globally distributed infrastructure.


All our hosting locations come at the price of the regular hosting plan. There is no surcharge for global webosting. If no selection is made when ordering, the web host will be set up in Austria.

How does it work?

When you place an order, you choose the country in which your website or application will be hosted.Your webhost's IP address is definitely geo-located (MaxMind GeoIP, IP2Location).It's not a "virtual colocation" but rather a genuine physical presence in the selected nation. The website is hosted on EDIS servers in the country you selected.

Excerpt from the list of EDIS website hosting locations

  • Germany, Frankfurt
  • United Kingdom, London
  • France, Paris
  • Hongkong, Kwai Chung
  • Iceland, Hafnarfjörður
  • Isle of Man, Douglas
  • Italy, Milan and Palermo
  • Russia, St. Petersburg and Moscow
  • Serbia, Belgrade
  • Japan, Tokio
  • Singapore
  • Canada, Toronto
  • United Arab Emirates, Dubai
  • Austria, Graz and Vienna
  • Poland, Warsaw
  • Sweden, Stockholm
  • Switzerland, Zurich
  • Spain, Sevilla
  • USA, New York and Miami
  • Australia, Sydney
  • Greece, Thessaloniki
  • Belgium, Brussels
  • Czech Republic, Prague
  • Moldova, Chisinau
  • North Macedonia, Skopje
  • Croatia, Zagreb
  • and many more

Advantages at a glance

Geographical proximity to your target audience

 Higher website delivery speeds in the target country
Increased possibilities of e-commerce success
Improved e-commerce and online media performance

Websites are transmitted from the target country's EDIS infrastructure (lower latency).
All website data and databases are backed up in Austria.
IP addresses from the correct country, real geo-location

Advantage in search engines (IP address, lower latency)
Better ranking in search engines because "local offer"

Positive influence on search results and page rank, because Google also takes the response and loading times of the entire website into account when ranking. The geographical proximity of the offer has a beneficial influence on your Google positioning and plays an essential role in the search engine optimization of your website (SEO).
Highly regarded and well-known EDIS infrastructure

Durable, high-performance industrial server.
Designed, managed, and supported by EDIS technicians in Austria
High-quality service
No language barriers
Support-team in your timezone
Single, central admin interface for global infrastructure
Instant setup! After placing your order, you will receive credentials right away.

There are no additional fees for hosting locations other than Austria.