Over 40 domain name servers
In 2 independent CLOUDS platforms
Protection against Denial-of-Service
DNSSEC included
FREE w/ every domain registration

Success of a company and the services it offers are largely determined by its availability on the Internet. Access to services on the Internet is addressed via the Domain Name System (DNS). This is the reason why DNS must be extremely robust and fail-safe. Outdated technologies are susceptible to denial-of-service attacks, and overloads can severely disrupt your online business.


EDIS ANYCAST DNS ensures that your services are fail-safe, stable and fully accessible.

EDIS ANYCAST DNS are name servers distributed all over the world that can be reached via a single IP address. If a server fails, the topologically closest machines takes over. If a domain name is queried, the ANYCAST DNS instance geographically closest to the user replies. This reduces response times to a global minimum and at the same time distributes the load across the entire DNS network. In the event of an attack towards a DNS server, only this one server is affected, while all others deliver as usual.

DNSSEC is included with every EDIS domain registration! The DNSSEC technology is a security extension in the name service, which ensures authenticity and data integrity (completeness) of transactions. DNSSEC prevents the falsification of DNS entries (cache poisoning) and the redirection of users to manipulated websites.


EDIS has already activated ANYCAST DNS for all domains registered with EDIS that used the previous EDIS UNICAST name server set. You already benefit from all the advantages of ANYCAST DNS and do not need to take any actions. If you are interested in the additional activation of DNSSEC, you can activate this in the new DNS panel.


Externally registered domains that use the deprecated UNICAST EDIS DNS set must be configured to the new ANYCAST DNS set by March 30, 2023 in order to remain accessible. ANYCAST DNS are pre-configured with all zones.

DNS entries in the UNICAST DNS set can no longer be modified (freeze). In order to be able to modify DNS entries, you have to switch to ANYCAST DNS first. Once that's done, the new PDNS Admin DNS Editor becomes available too.


ns1.edis.global  (Cloud 1) 
IPv6: 2001:67c:1bc::12

ns2.edis.global  (Cloud 2)  
IPv6: 2001:67c:10b8::12

Cloud 1 

Amsterdam // Atlanta // Chicago // Dallas // Dublin // Frankfurt // Hong Kong // Johannesburg // London // Los Angeles // Madrid // Miami // Moscow // New York // Paris // Reykjavík // Rheintal // Salzburg // Sao Paulo // Seattle // Singapore // Stockholm // Sydney // Tokyo // Warsaw // Vienna // Zurich 

Cloud 2

Amsterdam // Athens // Chicago // Dallas // Dubai // Frankfurt // Geneva // Hong Kong // Johannesburg // London // Miami // Reston // San Jose // Sao Paulo // Seattle // Seoul // Sydney // Toronto // Vienna


ns1.edis.at (Vienna)
ns2.edis.at (Vienna)
ns5.edis.at (London)
ns6.edis.at (Zurich)

*in use until 10/17/2022, 
read access possible until March 30, 2023, 
service-retirement in early April 2023