Your Benefit with local presence


Example #1

A Dutch partner is ordering webhosting plans with EDIS. Their Belgian client sells sailing yachts, primarily targeting customers located in Switzerland.

Our reseller orders are: BASIC Webhosting plan, located in Zurich

  • Their customers website will be physically hosted in Switzerland
  • Their websites IP address will be from our Swiss IP space
  • Higher ranks on local search engines such as (seo)
  • Faster content delivery to customers located in Switzerland through faster site response times and geographical proximity
  • Clear competitive advantage compared to hosting located in Holland or Belgium

Benefits for the advertising agency:

  • They are able to work with familiar tools and infrastructure.
  • Working with an experienced company
  • Source code doesn't need to be modified - identical server setups globally 
  • Setup in a matter of seconds after the order has been places
  • Well-known Austrian quality

Amount spent for hosting this project:

  • 1 BASIC hosting plan in Switzerland @ EURO 10,90 per month


Example #2

An Austrian based company sells new innovative products. Its core markets are Austria, United Kingdom, France and Spain. The market in Spain is about to develop but is still being serviced trough UK websites.

Chosen Products:

1 Starter Hosting, located in Graz, Austria
1 Starter Hosting, located in London, UK
1 Starter Hosting, located in Paris, France
1 FREE Hosting, located in Madrid, Spain for doorway-page

  • 4 independent hosting plans, hosted by 4 different systems, each located in a different country
  • => Is hosted on an EDIS system located in London
  •  => Is hosted on an EDIS system located in France
  • The company's main website is hosted at the companies Head Quarters in Austria
  • The Spanish website is hosted in Madrid and being forwarded to the UK site (with all SEO advantages) 
  • The company’s website and e-commerce will physically be hosted in the chosen countries
  • Each website will have a IP address corresponding to the physical hosting location
  • Better page ranking on local search engines such as, and, (seo)
  • Faster content delivery to customers located in the same country as the server, through faster site response times and geographical proximity
  • Clear competitive advantage compared to regular hosting in any other country.

Benefits for the customer:

  • 1 provider for all multiple local presence hostings and countrycode domain name needs.
  • All 4 webhosting plans are easy to administrate
  • Setup in a matter of seconds after the placement of the order
  • Working with an experienced company
  • no language barriers, no time-difference
  • cost-effective and affordable solution

Amounts spent on hosting this project:

  • 3 Starter hosting plans, each cost EURO 4,99 per month


Getting you closer to where your customers are!

Everything you need for international webhosting but from one single provider!

EDIS is offering local presence hosting services based on its own, global infrastructure, which has been strategically positioned to access some of the fastest internet exchanges for best hosting-performance.

  • Graz, Austria
  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • Paris, France
  • Madrid, Spain
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Chicago, USA
  • Stockhom, Sweden
  • Warsaw, Poland
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Milan, Italy
  • Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Douglas, Isle of Man


Benefits at a glance:

Geographical proximity of your website or application to your customers

  • Higher content delivery speeds in the destination country
  • Higher success rates in e-commercee
  • Improved performance in online media and e-commerce
  • Websites are served directly from EDIS infrastructure in the respective country
  • All webhosts and databases are backed up live to servers in the EDIS data center in Austria

IP addresses from the corresponding country (advantage in local search engines)

  • Benefits in search engines (local IP addresses)
  • Better ranking in local search engines (content treated like your local competitors)
  • Better search results and pagerank, because Google takes loading times of entire websites into consideration. Geographical proximity has a positive impact on loading times and is one of the key figures in search-engine optimization (seo).

Proven and well-known EDIS infrastructure

  • Industry leading, high-performance servers like the ones in Austria
  • Managed by in house EDIS technicians located in Graz, Austria
  • Well-Known service quality
  • Experienced support staff 
  • One administration interface for all webhosting services, no matter what country you choose
  • Instant setup
  • No modification of your source code is necessary (identical environments globally)
  • Live backup of all customer data (websites and databases) to our datacenter in Austria
  • Lowest prices


The prices above are those of our regular hosting plans. There is no extra charge for local presence products. Simply choose your desired hosting location within the ordering process of your hosting plan. Local presence services are available for all EDIS webhosting plans.